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Sky full of Stars 2023
30. Ilmenauer Altstadtfest
30. Ilmenauer Altstadtfest
01 Jun 2024, 20:00
Ilmenau | Thüringen
Sommmernachtstraum / Thermen- & Badewelt
Sommmernachtstraum / Thermen- & Badewelt
05 Jul 2024, 17:00
Sinsheim | Baden-Württemberg
Sky full of Stars 2023

Stadium anthems, soulful ballads, catchy catchy melodies, checked and creative arrangements as well as a likeable demeanor. All of this describes the limitless and colorful world of COLDPLAY, the most successful band of the 21st century.


As experienced live musicians from a wide range of genres, the members of the new band SKY FULL OF STARS* are united by their love for the band's unique sound. The combination of superficial minimalism and yet also complex and unusual passages is unique. The song is always in the foreground, not the egos. Appreciating the special sound of the COLDPLAY songs live is both motivation and honor for the musicians of the formation SKY FULL OF STARS *. Like the musical sponsors, the band attaches great importance to perfect live sound with specially pre-produced elements and an appealing, thrilling show. The quintet and in particular the charismatic and empathetic frontman Sly take the audience by the hand and whisk them away into a colorful world full of emotions and energy for a good two hours. And that quite consciously with its own identity, without appearing as a simple copy of the original.


Celebrate, dance and sing together. Exert yourself and at the same time fill up with positive energy with SKY FULL OF STARS * : Tobias "Sly" Weber (lead vocals, guitar), Stefan Turnsek (keyboard), Michael "Micky" Karpen (guitar, backings), Harald "Harry" Müller (bass, backings) and Steffen "Steff" Wellmann (drums, backings).

SKY FULL OF STARS* - June 2023


During a weekend in the recording studio in mid-May 2023, we rehearsed and recorded 26 of our favorite COLDPLAY songs. In the short term, BRICC Productions ​recorded a song that was recorded live together on video and produced a great clip. Thanks to Jan and Björn Paltzer! You can watch our version of "Paradise" here. Have fun!


Michaela (17.05.24 Syrkus, Roodt-sur-Syre (L))

Mega Konzert, super sympathische, tolle Band. Danke für den schönen Abend. Wir kommen definitiv nochmal! 🥰 
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